Our priority is to get our products into consumers’ hands. Our creative team positions our brands on an upper level, while our media buying team hones in on real-time data to ensure we are hitting our KPI’s.

Advertising Reimagined

No one likes ads…unless it’s something they’ve already been searching for! Our media buying team and partners focus on eye-catching creatives. We submerge consumers into the brand BEFORE they’ve even purchased, because we know that once they’ve had a taste, they’ll come back for the main course.

Amazon Partners

Our full service agencies work with us long before brands are launched and/or acquired. All of our brands go through a rigorous process to set performance goals and identify the total addressable market. The research is done. The opportunity is identified. We’ve analyzed paid media buying, the organic ranking, and the forecast for growth. All that’s left is the “scale”.

Conventional Ad Networks

Our premier partners work with us to determine product market fit. Just like on Amazon, we only pursue brands that have an addressable target market that can be captured. From PPC on Google to engagement on Facebook/Instagram/Taboola/TikTok and more, we accurately determine our advertising budget and CPA prior to launching any brand. We position ourselves for success months before a brand goes live.

SAAS Ad Tech

Our wholly owned division, Interactive Offers, is an industry leader in native and email advertising, giving us (and our clients) access to a rolodex of elite publishers. We tap into the largest online publications for enhanced growth across multiple platforms based on targeted demographics and consumer-buying needs, from Men’s Journal, The Washington Times, USA Today, Investors Hub, and TV Insider. With multiple partnerships with online publishers and eCommerce platforms, like Maropost, we created a proprietary, drag and drop, monetization feature that all Maropost customers can use.

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